AI driven by data, design & usability.

Spot-n-decode the patterns, modernize your data and design at scale.

Data modernizationDesign at scale

We innovate by fusing creative design thinking and data modernization.

Digital products that people love to use.

We design engaging digital products by applying behavioural science to customer experience; people love it!

Enterprise solutions that don't suck.

We create polished and snappy human-centred enterprise solutions; simplified for the best user experience.

Websites that tell the brand story.

Storytelling is the most powerful tool to convey new ideas. We tell brand stories through interactive and beautiful websites.

AI and deep learning solutions simplified.

Data is the fuel of the future. Let's annotate your data for critical business applications and digital transformation initiatives.

Is your data ready to deliver?

Let us help to filter the noise from your data.

You're in control of priorities.

Smart tasks, improved decision-making and accelerated digital transformation through modern data architecture.


Make better decisions real-time.

Re-imagine decision-making and deliver reliable business results with data powered by AI.

Intuitive and unmatched user experiences.

Improve interactions across all your customer touchpoints with insightful data.

What drives human behavior?

Understand the "why" factors, to solve the mysteries behind customer engagement and bounce rate.


"Treat your content like a product."

— Drew Davis —

Design at scale.

Deliver relevant experiences at a speed of business.

"Great designers fall in love with the users' problems."

— Jared Spool —

Service design.

Connect the dots, draw insights and transform user pain-points into easy-to-manage eco-system of products and services.

Build your brand.

Learn about the user context, reflect on data collected, apply data science, draw insights and build your brand image.

Continued innovation.

Keep re-inventing business models through human-centred innovation lifecycle and always stay ahead of the curve.

Our products.

Innovation by connecting the dots.


Homework, worksheets and practice papers on-the-go!

Paperz is the on-the-go learning application that allows students to practise subject worksheets and take test papers to be exam ready.

Available on


Examination through smart content, in the cloud.

ExamKit is an AI-driven deep learning exam engine that creates questions and exam papers realtime based on the student profile.


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Cloud-native by default.

Re-imagine your cloud-native landscape with our expert advice and experience.

The only constant is change. Let's team up to design and build your next big idea for a distributed cloud-native architecture that is always evolving.

With our CloudOps expertise and extensive experience solving cloud-native problems; we can help you navigate your cloud-native landscape faster to achieve rapid growth.

Trusted by the innovators.

Scale, collaborate, discover and innovate.

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How can we help?

Let's implement change with game-changing thinking.

Customer insights.

Using AI to derive customer insights from unstructured and structured data.

New business.

Using smart tactics and emerging technologies to drive new business models and sales.

Better interactions.

Get personalized insights to create better interactions with your customers.